Analysis. Strategy. Communication. Results.

The Oregon State Legislature considers more than 3,000 bills at each regular session. And government agencies are constantly writing and rewriting administrative rules that can potentially carry unanticipated consequences.

Gallant Policy Advisors specializes in advice and communication to help advance your interests today and to avoid crises later.

  • Legislative Monitoring and Bill Analysis
    We track new bill introductions and amendments. Our response to key legislation and yours relies on knowing quickly what’s out there and how it potentially impacts you.
  • Strategy Development
    We combine experience, data analysis, relationships and thorough understanding of our clients’ needs to formulate the right tactics and messaging.
  • Focused Advocacy and Lobbying
    We understand how to translate complex matters — such as healthcare policy, appropriations, insurance and business regulations – and make a compelling case on behalf of our clients. In addition, we are committed to keeping the firm small in order to provide the best service.
  • Agency Liaison
    The Legislature passes laws, but the state’s business occurs at the agency level. We know how to navigate the arena of state agencies, boards, commissions and the multilayered process for drafting and amending administrative rules.
  • Client Communication
    Feedback is important to keep clients apprised of what is happening. You will be in the loop. As a small firm, we limit the number of clients to ensure they don’t get lost in the legislative shuffle.