We Work With Non-Profits

We Get Results!

We serve respected non-profit organizations on a long-term basis. Because of these ongoing relationships, we have rescued clients from challenges and crisis situations.

As their strategic partners, we not only advocate for them but act as their ‘reputation managers.’

The crossroads of government, politics, associations, businesses, the media, and the public are always multifaceted and involved.

At Gallant Policy Advisors, we work on contract with organizations in Oregon to:

  • work with clients to identify risks
  • inform legislators and regulators
  • plan, develop and implement public affairs tools
  • bring about long-term change

Brace For Impact

We know how the process works, how decisions are made and how to communicate with elected officials, policymakers, and third-party allies.

Small policy or regulatory changes can have substantial consequences on an organization’s program and budget. Every year new laws and regulations are created that can substantially impact non-profit & private organizations. Gallant Policy Advisors helps clients develop relationships with administration officials and legislators so their story is heard.

Having an expert monitor the political process saves time, keeps board members informed and avoids unpleasant surprises. Whether it’s rules, regulations or laws, Gallant Policy Advisors watches to see if a hurtful or helpful impact is headed your way. As needed, we advocate for you and the interests of your organization.