We Build Coalitions & Partnerships

We build partnerships needed to effect change on your behalf.

We build bridges and consolidate other lobbyists and organizations into coalitions of stakeholders that have a powerful effect. These strong connections continue past any current legislative session.

The coalitions we form are impressive in their ability to change policy outcome. We also have deep working relationships with numerous legislative decision-makers, key staff, and opinion leaders. We comfortably interact with legislators on both sides of the political spectrum.

We are aware of the intersection between policy and public affairs, and continually monitor the broader context of state government, the economy and society.

We help build coalitions, then activate supporters at just the right time.

Our success is built upon:

  • extensive experience in government relations and lobbying
  • strong relationships with key elected officials and their staff
  • understanding of the legislative process
  • hard working advocacy for client issues
  • proficiency in Oregon’s political process
  • skilled ability to take advantage of opportunities
  • innovative strategies to overcome challenges

Stuck in the Labyrinth?

Gallant Policy Advisors can:

  • ascertain public thought on your concern
  • advance your cause in ballot measures and issues before the Oregon Legislature
  • tell legislators how the public feels about the issue
  • let sympathetic legislators know how to comment on the issue
  • create communications tools that impress policy-shapers and community members

Public laws and policies may seem like a puzzle and you may wonder “what can my organization do to make a difference?” We know how to cut through the fog and get your voice heard. We comprehend the unique nuances within the healthcare and human services fields.

We have a high success rate helping our clients face their specific challenges. If you need a regulation change, we can help. We succeed when you succeed. Let’s talk – call us at 503-910-8872.