Association Management

We know how to help your non-profit association succeed.

In small associations, membership can grow to a size and the range of issues can expand so that managing the organization becomes too time-consuming for volunteers.

In larger associations, the volunteer Board of Directors makes decisions on how to spend the association’s funds to advance the work of the non-profit organization.

Often, the volunteer Board members need help setting agendas, managing financial records and manage administrative duties so they can focus on the big picture. This lets them stay true to their purpose regardless of changes in board members or CEOs.

We can work closely with your association to help your organization to grow and enable you to operate more productively and profitably.

Our association clients trust us to help them with:

Development and Expansion

  • Vision casting and long-range planning
  • Growth in programming and staff
  • Best practices development
  • Marketing and messaging uniformity

Financial Growth

  • Member Retention
  • Membership growth
  • New programming
  • Revenue development

Progress Evaluation

  • Gauging progress
  • Evaluation of best practices

Other Services

  • Planning of:
    • monthly board meetings
    • monthly educational training events that meet requirements for accreditation
    • networking events
    • conferences
  • Direction in producing newsletters and annual reports
  • Strategy for government affairs involvement