Experience Counts.

Gallant Policy Advisors is made up of professionals who have devoted their careers to government public affairs. Our well-respected team offers more than 50 years of combined experience in healthcare, human services, and business advocacy.

Scott Gallant is one of Oregon’s leading experts at the intersection of healthcare and public policy.

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With over 20 years experience Karen Mainzer understands how Oregon government works, from the inside and out.

More on Karen’s Background & Expertise

Our clients use us to help them turn concepts into legislation. Our accomplishments in achieving policy changes in Salem are built upon:

  • Significant relationships
  • Hard work
  • Understanding of Oregon’s political process
  • Commitment to client issues
  • Vital communication

Our clients rely on us to reach decision-makers in the local, state and federal arenas. On the state level, our contacts involve members of the legislature, state agencies, and the Governor’s Office.

Our Specialties

Non-Profits and Associations    Healthcare – Medical    Senior Services – Aging Population     Support Services

We are:

  • Full-service lobbyists
  • Experienced advocates
  • Seasoned strategists
  • Knowledgeable policy experts
  • Wide-ranging collaborators
  • Bipartisan problem-solvers
  • Clear communicators

As an experienced and effective public policy counsel for Oregon’s organizations, we creatively meet each client’s unique needs.

Gallant Policy Advisors is an effective consulting firm providing government relations services for clients who need to chart a successful course for matters before the Legislature, state agencies or on the ballot.

About Our Services

We listen.
We study.
We solve problems.
We forge opportunities.

As an Oregon bipartisan government affairs and lobbying firm, we advocate and educate.

 We Are Communicators

At Gallant Policy Advisors, we develop strategies that help communicate our clients’ stories with their target audiences. We tell a vibrant story on behalf of our clients that becomes unforgettable and effective. Whether your organization or industry faces an ongoing challenge or a short-term crisis, we provide experience and guidance on legislative and regulatory issues.

Every step in building momentum and changing opinion to your side is crucial. Each encounter and every message must be worded correctly and delivered by the right person at the optimal time. An incorrect comment or statement can have a crippling impact on your advocacy. Lack of a well-planned, coordinated strategy for advocacy can set your objective back or cause it to fail. That is why we help you craft the right message, timing, and delivery for every conversation and written communication.

It’s not just about killing bills, it’s also about getting them passed. We advocate on your behalf for policy, legislation, projects, funding, and ballot measures.

Core Components that Make Us So Effective

  • Clear, understandable and timely communication
  • Collaboration with key policy stakeholders
  • Research on accurate information
  • Political awareness on a broad array of local government issues

Comprehensive Expertise

Gallant Policy Advisors has comprehensive expertise on issues impacting the medical and healthcare fields, human services that include senior services and our aging population, support services, non-profit organizations, and associations.

Our goal is to always exceed expectations.
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Scott Gallant & Karen Mainzer with their Family

Scott Gallant serves on the board of Willamette Valley Hospice.

Karen Mainzer serves on the Oregon State Capitol Foundation and volunteers on a variety of programs with Willamette Valley Hospice.

Both Scott and Karen split their time between Salem Oregon and Sisters Oregon.